Maximize The Athletic Talents You Already Possess

Nick Briz
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  • I'm dunking like never before, thanks bro- Tarren.
  • These workouts kick my butt, improvements day by day- David..
  • 5/5 Looking forward you next videos, jumping higher than ever before.- Joshua.
  • I’m seeing gains that I can’t compare to any other programs I’ve tried!- Hunter.
  • 5 stars bro, you’re program is changing my life- Wyatt.
  • Thanks for offering your program, I’ve never been able to dunk until now, my coach is impressed- Daniel.
  • I’m making gainz, I’ll be jumping like you soon!!- Tyler.
  • My entire team has started using Nick’s drills during practice and we are beginning to see real results. I can't thank Nick enough, my team is unstoppable now!- Jackson.
  • Nick has helped me improve my athletic ability to the point where I am confident I will be noticed by scouts. Thanks bro.- Gavin.
  • I started seeing results after just a couple weeks!- Mason.
  • It took me 6 months to reach a 40” vertical. Most of the gains were made in the first 3 months, I’ve added 10 inches during that time and after that I gradually worked my way up.- Andrew.
  • Ima use you in 2k, gains have been noticed!- Logan.
  • Great program! it’s working great for me, already gained 3 inches after the first month and I was missing workouts too.- Benjamin.
  • Did someone tweak with this guy’s gravity settings? Learning from the best- Christopher.
  • You’ll definitely gain inches that I can tell you. Quick- William.
  • If you're looking to add SERIOUS inches to your vertical and have the time to invest, Nick Briz’s jump program is the best programs you could go for.- Michael.
  • That one leg bounce is CRAZY he looks like he jumping off a mini tramp, I’ll be jumping like that soon!- Jacob.
  • I swear you’re one of the highest jumpers in the world for your height, excited to start my your drills.- James.
  • Jump skills have improved 5 fold!- rfreelander95.

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Maximize The Athletic Talents You Already Possess

Nick Briz
Nick Briz



I have not always been a freak athlete. In high school, just four years ago I could barely dunk. I played varsity four years at Hagerty high school, in Oviedo FL, and I won a state championship as their starting point guard. I’m only 6’ tall, but it wasn't until college at Eastern Florida State College that I got my explosion and athletic ability to take off. It happened because of these drills that I’m going to be showing you. I was put on these drills by one of the best coaches in the league, and after a full summer of these drills I turned into the freak athlete I am today, all by maximizing my potential. By joining my program you'll also gain direct contact to me, I'll be here to answer any question you have. Let's Maximize your athletic ability!

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Nick Briz teaches you his secret principles to become a freak athlete! Nick will share hand picked drills, the only set of drills he does on a consistent basis to completely maximize his jumping ability. These drills have been passed down from division 1 coaches and hand picked by Nick from his weekly routine. Not only will his program teach you how to become an amazing jumper, it will also put emphasis on becoming your best all around complete athlete. This program will make you faster, stronger, quicker & more explosive than you've ever been before. Nick's job is to maximize your jumping & athletic ability.

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